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Browser Facts regarding SFS 3.x
click on image for details (updated on November 8th 2014)

since 3.30 some smaller fixes and improvements, removed google url shortener because of its near end, mor details in the changelog below …
since 3.29 some fixes and improvements
since 3.28 smaller fixes and error reporting button in the admin area
  • single file upload and sharing
  • multiple files upload and sharing (since 1.4)
  • drag and drop or just select file(s)
  • autoupload
  • progressbar and progress numbers
  • mail sharing, ability to send to more than one recipient by closing the success message
  • admin interface with dashboard, various charts and possibility to manage uploaded files
  • ready to use ajax contact form
  • built on bootstrap 2.3.2 (1 theme) and 3.2.0 (17 themes)
  • responsive (since 1.4)
  • ready to use faqs module
  • easy to change frontend languages (English, Deutsch (Sie), Deutsch (Du) included)
  • possibility to block list of extensions
  • possibility to allow list of extensions
  • possibility to disable direct file downloads (IP or session based), or to disable the protection
  • display expiration date of files on download or deletion page
  • autodelete depending on age
  • autodelete depending last download (since 1.2)
  • countdown X seconds befor download is possible (since 1.2)
  • reporting files function (since 1.2)
  • image preview of uploaded images (since 1.2)
  • bandwidth throtteling on downloads (since 1.3)
  • supporting mod_xsendfile (since 1.3)
  • maximum age of downloads by uploader (since 1.6)
  • maximum number of downloads by uploader (since 1.6)
  • CAPTCHA protection (since 1.64)
  • QR Codes (since 2.0)
  • Bitly Short Urls (since 2.0)
  • HTML emails (since 2.0)
  • Social Sharing [since 2.1]
  • Copy to Clipboard function [since 2.1]
  • Display Upload Speed, estimated and elapsed Upload-Time [since 2.15]
  • file descriptions [since 2.20]
  • possibility to leave message for downloaders on download-page [since 2.20]
  • file locking [since 2.20]
  • multiple email recipients [New since 2.21]
  • Adfly Short Urls (since 2.23)
  • Google Short Urls (since 2.24) removed with SFS 3.30
  • possibility to just allow admins to upload (since 2.26)
  • ....
  • Requirements
    • mysql 5.x tested successful with MariaDB
    • php 5.x tested successful with Apache and nginx
    • php mysql ( < SFS 2.24)
    • php mysqli ( >= SFS 2.24)
    • working php mail function (usually a standard)
    • enabled mod_rewrite and the possibility to use them (.htaccess)
    • GD library for image previews and CAPTCHA module
    • optional: mod_XSendFile (optional – meant for downloads of huge files) more info to mod_xsendfile:
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      known but intercepted issues
    • Safari browsers on Windows platforms are not able to upload multiple files at once – SFS turns multiple upload support for Safari browsers on Windows platforms automatically off – single uploads works although
    • Drag and Drop functionality doesn’t work on Internet Explorer Versions smaller as 10.0 (incl. MSIE10.0 with compatibility mode = MSIE7.0) – SFS just displays another message without the drag and drop information on upload pageFilesize Hints
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